VISC dictionary

Vdict is a X Window English-Vietnamese/Vietnamese-English dictionary program.







    $ cvs login
    $ cvs -z3 co vdict


vdict requires the following packages to work:

On Linux, simply "make":

    $ bunzip2 vdict.tar.bz2 && tar xvf vdict.tar
    $ cd vdict
    $ export QTDIR=/path/to/qt
    $ make

For some reason, on Debian sid using gcc 3.3.2, you will get compile error with vdpreferences.cpp. I suspect this is a bug with gcc 3.3.2 but not certain. For now, apply this patch

On FreeBSD and NetBSD, you need to apply this patch for FreeBSD and this patch for NetBSD. Then simply "gmake"

    $ gmake

Switch to root user and copy the popup dictionary "fd", dictionary "vd" and database convert utility to /usr/local/bin

    # cp /path/to/vdict/fd/fd /usr/local/bin
    # cp /path/to/vdict/vd/vd /usr/local/bin
    # cp /path/to/vdict/utils/wd2vd /usr/local/bin

Unzip and untar the dictionary database:

    # cd /usr/local/bin
    # bunzip2 av.tar.bz2 && tar xvf av.tar

Or you can populate the database files from db utf-8:


    # wd2vd -s anhviet.utf8.txt -d av.vdbf -i av.vdif -x "Anh Viet"


    # wd2vd -s vietanh.utf8.txt -d va.vdbf -i va.vdif -m vn -x "Viet Anh"

Now launch the dictionary:

    $ /usr/local/bin/vd

You're not done yet, once the dictionary is started, click on library icon and add the database av.vdbf and the database index av.vdif.


vdict on FreeBSD
image 1
by: hoang

vdict on NetBSD
image 2
by: hoang

vdict on RH9
image 3
by: vnpenguin

vdict on RH9
image 4
by: vnpenguin

Original page is here.