Miscellaneous projects & patches

  1. Kernel:
    Allow using interpreter's parameters in binfmt_misc
  2. Irssi plugins:
    VIQR to UTF-8 Filter 1.1
  3. XChat plugins:
    VIQR to UTF-8 Filter 1.8
    VIQR to UTF-8 Filter 1.8.1 (for xchat 2.4.x)
  4. MagicPoint w/ Vietnamese UTF-8:
    MagicPoint w/ Vietnamese UTF-8
  5. Lyx & xvnkb-0.2.x:
    Lyx & xvnkb-0.2.x
  6. Links browser:
    Links 2.1pre9 with XIM support patch (allow working w/ xvnkb - cvs version)
    Links 2.1pre9 with VIQR fix patch
    Links 0.98 UTF-8 patch
    Links 0.98 VIQR patch
    Links 0.98 UTF+VIQR patch
    Links2 Graphic fonts
  7. FT Char Extractor (ttf,type1 to png):
    FT Char Extractor 0.4
    FT Char Extractor 0.3
    FT Char Extractor 0.1
  8. Fluxbox:
    Fluxbox w/ Vietnamese interface (vi_VN-UTF-8)
  9. Idesk:

Some Screenshots